Rescuing Black Consciousness from Decenteredness & Irrelevance

Writer: Itumeleng Makale

Photograph: SA History Online

A paradigm of decenteredness and dislocation gets people swimming in the pool of “universalism” which is, in fact, a set of concepts with their branches in whatever number of irrelevant African Consciousness disorientating epistemological twist. Afrikans would do anything in their power to defend Eurocentric paradigms. Seizing the Power to Define, and not being a stooge of AKKKademia/AKKKademons and white logic, is the only entry point into independently forming self-concept as Afrikans and developing an epistemological Framework within which it will find its expression in different forms of disciplines and their related areas of practice. Black Consciousness without Afrocentricity as its paradigmatic foregrounding is nothing but a sterile intellectual conduit of a people with a decentred ideology without a worldview assuming all of the European/Arab/Asian philosophical throw-up, our minds have been raped with in the mentacide camps you call universities, as universal. That’s why you have Indian heroes in your BC tradition!

Our alienation is not from our labour, it is from our essence and epistemological and cosmological anchorage that grounds independently Afrikan conceptual frameworks. This is fundamental to our castration as Black people. First and foremost we do not possess the Power to Define which is the predicate to the Power to Create/Build. Karl Marx and other non-Afrikan intellectual thugs conceptualised a discourse with a conceptual Framework that evades the race problematic.

If you understand politics of ontology you would know that we are classless. The world as we know it is a white construct, in all its permutations. The Socio-economic stratification of this world from a system that was conceptualised without you in mind. I say you don’t belong to any of those classes. You’re an ontological absentee to this world. Build your own!!! Unless your agenda is of politics of inclusionism.

Class politics and Class analysis form a body of irrelevant knowledge to understanding the white-faced dynamic. We live in a society that is built on a colonial template and the oppressor’s value system. We are a dominated people, and we belong to no class! You are not the Ruling Class! You are not the Bourgeoisie (of any category)! You are not the Proletariat! You are not the Peasants! You are neither the right nor the left of anything!

You are a robbed, raped, castrated and dislocated people! You are a dominated people!

That philosophical repudiation of the irrelevant Afrikan Consciousness-falsifying epistemes is key to recentering our quest for truth back to our Afrikan essence. This is what should guide our use of our cognitive maps in the production and development of epistemologies that serve the existential intent that our essence-primed values, tastes and interests would inform.

*The writer is an Afrocentrist and a Black Power Proponent


Blackness As A Permanent State of Nervousness


Text: Veli Mbele
Photograph: Supplied

Nothing best expresses the totalising-all-consuming-debilitating power of whiteness than the psychosis wherein statements by Blacks such as “we want our land back or “we must build Black power”- makes some Black people so nervous that they sometimes slide into self-induced depression (on behalf of the whites they know or love).

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